Happy Father’s Day



Lá an Athar Shona ar – Happy Father’s Day

–Two Irish fathers–

My father, died in 2007 due to brain tumor, does not look Irish but his surname came from a non-Catholic Irish section in Ireland. History was told that family came from O’Siadhail in the County Donegal. They were a sept of physicians.  ‘Septs’ were specially prevalent in Ireland. One trait he carried down that is common in all Irish families is being stubborn.

My step-father, living, has been a father to me for 27 years, is a devoted Catholic just like the families before him. He is pure Irish because the look of Irish is pale skin, reddish like hair, and strong. His Irish derivation is Ó Loingsigh. Galway, Cork, and Kerry are the counties in Ireland that is associated with his surname. Also, he carries the stubborn trait like my biological father.

Both of my fathers love carpentry. They both have done a lot of building while I was growing up. My father loves history, metal detecting for old stuff, and camping. My step-father loves to travel, golf, and revivify his Catholic beliefs.

At last, Happy Father’s Day.