The word “Dachshund” comes from a German word that means badger dog. They are similar to the terrier group of dogs due to the behavior that it exhibits. There are three types of dachshund: short-haired, long-haired, and wire-haired. They have a life span of 14-17 years. As of 2012, Dachshund is the 10th most popular dog in the U.S. (AKC Dog Registration Statistics).


A Strange Side of Him

I do not have a picture during the time that Weston went to the vet yesterday. My parents took him and their dog to the vet together because I was working. He has waited too long to have his yearly shots. Anyways, I was told that he waited in the car (it was running with the A/C on) while their dog was being examined. When my mother went back out to the car (she didn’t take very long and you can see the car through the glass window of the vet), she found the windshield wipers were going and he has pushed a bunch of buttons on the door, causing the windows to go up and down, and locked himself in. LOL. Scared my mother to death that he locked himself in the car, but with luck, the window was down a little where she can stick her arm inside to unlock it…whew. He was crying with a strange sound they told me. Ugh. He is very mischievous… What a dog.

Car Rides

Car Rides

Weston LOVES to ride in my car to go places and to see places. “You want to go for a ride?” I asked. He takes off running to the door, tail wagging so hard, and jumps up to place his front paws on the door. He is so excited. He minds his manners to remain seated when the car is moving. Any strangers walking by, he gets aggressive with a low and loud bark. He doesn’t bark at the people who work at the fast food when I get my food. He enjoys riding around town. 🙂