Ebola is Serious and Dangerous

Not everybody understands the capabilities that a virus can do. A big percentage of people who are not medically educated, do not have the understanding the anatomy of germs…microbiology. It looks pretty stupid to hear mistakes coming from CDC, where all the people there are medically educated with medical degrees. Mistakes can cost lives. The second nurse that was infected with Ebola reported her body temperature to CDC and stepped foot on a public transportation – Frontier Airlines with 132 passengers – flying from Dallas to Cleveland and back to Dallas. CDC didn’t tell her NOT to get on the plane. Hello? If she has low grade fever instead of 100 by their guidelines – I would not let her on anyways.

Somewhere in the news, they said that the Ebola is not spread airborne and it is a virus. Now, back that up – a virus can fly in the air if you sneezed or cough while being infected. I think they covered this by saying “not spread airborne” to prevent panic and fear. The uneducated public would think Ebola is just some germ, so it is okay as long as you don’t touch someone with it.

Fear is going to spread anyways because there are too many misunderstandings of this virus.

I sure hope to God that those people on that plane didn’t get the virus… imagine 132 people going home to their families without knowing if they have Ebola! It spreads and that multiplies.

My feelings and thoughts that I had to share…