Ebola is Serious and Dangerous

Not everybody understands the capabilities that a virus can do. A big percentage of people who are not medically educated, do not have the understanding the anatomy of germs…microbiology. It looks pretty stupid to hear mistakes coming from CDC, where all the people there are medically educated with medical degrees. Mistakes can cost lives. The second nurse that was infected with Ebola reported her body temperature to CDC and stepped foot on a public transportation – Frontier Airlines with 132 passengers – flying from Dallas to Cleveland and back to Dallas. CDC didn’t tell her NOT to get on the plane. Hello? If she has low grade fever instead of 100 by their guidelines – I would not let her on anyways.

Somewhere in the news, they said that the Ebola is not spread airborne and it is a virus. Now, back that up – a virus can fly in the air if you sneezed or cough while being infected. I think they covered this by saying “not spread airborne” to prevent panic and fear. The uneducated public would think Ebola is just some germ, so it is okay as long as you don’t touch someone with it.

Fear is going to spread anyways because there are too many misunderstandings of this virus.

I sure hope to God that those people on that plane didn’t get the virus… imagine 132 people going home to their families without knowing if they have Ebola! It spreads and that multiplies.

My feelings and thoughts that I had to share…




Medicine Cabinet

Ever hate clutter and not being able to find something important?

Most of you probably don’t have organization skills or don’t have the time to organize your stuff. Don’t you hate not being able to find something you need immediately? Don’t you hate clutter and not have the time to straighten it out?

When it comes to medicine…how is your medicine cabinet?

Medicine Cabnet

Medicine Cabinet

This is what I did. Buy those cheap containers at Family Dollar or Dollar Store that are around $1 to $2. Get a black permanent marker and write the names on the ends of these containers. If you have a cat or a dog – you want one to store the animal’s medicine in it. I have a dog so I put the dog’s name on it. I even keep a tiny toothbrush and toothpaste (specifically made for the dog) in this container along with his medicine (container with the blue lid is his).

Medicine Cabinet Closeup

Medicine Cabinet Closeup

What I labeled on mine –

  • Headache & Pain Medicine

  • Allergies & Sinus Medicine

  • Stomach Rx (means medicine)

  • Cough Medicine

  • Misc w/Vaseline (Misc = miscellaneous)

  • Cough Drops

  • First Aid Stuff

  • Suntan & Sunburn Medicine

  • Teeth Stuff

  • Container for thermometers and pill cutters.

You do need to keep a supply of alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

I would keep prescribed pain medicine a year or 2 after the expiration date. I have run into problems in the past where my son broke his wrist back in February of 2013 and the doctor only gave him a shot of a pain killer…but, didn’t give him ANY prescribed medication to take home! I live in a small town and these doctors are dumb. After 2 hours, the medication wore off and he started screaming in pain. I felt bad for him and took him back to the Emergency Room. They wouldn’t give him ANYTHING. The nurse told him to watch T.V. and try to forget the pain. I was shocked because this is a BROKEN bone! Well, I took him home and went through my medicine cabinet and found a left over bottle of Vicodin that was prescribed to him for a pinched nerve. It was almost a year old. I gave it to him and took him to see a surgeon in a bigger city – the surgeon was livid about the E.R. doctor. So, it is best to have left over medicine because you never know what situation you might get into. When you are a single mother with children, it is hard to take a sick child out of the house to get the medicine you need and it is best to have medicine for children stocked.

Medicine that is liquid – I do not keep past the expiration date.

Vaseline does wonders. When children have an abrasion (scratched skin), they hurt. If the wound is not deep, put vaseline on it and the child will be pain free. To me, vaseline is like an extra skin to cover the exposed nerves at the surface.

You need tweezers for splinters if they happen.

I hope my organization ideas have helped. It is not hard to put these together. Once you get it together, you will be happy and worried free.

My Inside Garden – Day 14

I got really excited to watch my plants grow. This is Day 14 and here are the pictures below.

Rosemary (Day 14)


I have 5 baby Rosemary plants (is there a specific word for baby plants?) I’m not an expert on gardening and haven’t done a good job in the past. I hope my plants survive this year.


I’ve gotten a lot of plants growing out of these. There are 3 tomato plants, 3 radish plants, 7 basil plants, and 9 spinach plants! I shouldn’t have planted a couple of seeds together because they came up close together. I wanted to separate them but I thought it is best to wait till it gets big – afraid to break it or mess it up.

I await for more days till it gets big…

Happy Father’s Day



Lá an Athar Shona ar – Happy Father’s Day

–Two Irish fathers–

My father, died in 2007 due to brain tumor, does not look Irish but his surname came from a non-Catholic Irish section in Ireland. History was told that family came from O’Siadhail in the County Donegal. They were a sept of physicians.  ‘Septs’ were specially prevalent in Ireland. One trait he carried down that is common in all Irish families is being stubborn.

My step-father, living, has been a father to me for 27 years, is a devoted Catholic just like the families before him. He is pure Irish because the look of Irish is pale skin, reddish like hair, and strong. His Irish derivation is Ó Loingsigh. Galway, Cork, and Kerry are the counties in Ireland that is associated with his surname. Also, he carries the stubborn trait like my biological father.

Both of my fathers love carpentry. They both have done a lot of building while I was growing up. My father loves history, metal detecting for old stuff, and camping. My step-father loves to travel, golf, and revivify his Catholic beliefs.

At last, Happy Father’s Day.

My Inside Garden

My Inside Garden of Day 7

My Rosemary is growing. I’m so excited to see something green popping out of the seeds! I hope it is not hard work to get it going. I have made it a ritual to water it every day – just being easy on the watering.

Rosemary at Day 7


I have decided to grow another herb, Basil. I bought 3 more seeds to see if I can grow more at the same time. I have Tomatoes, Radish, and Spinach. I’m sure that Radishes and Spinach will grow big and need bigger space. I plan to buy a bigger pot to see if I can really grow the Radish and Spinach indoors. I have a sliding glass door that I can put the big pot next to for sunlight.

Day 7 Plants

Day 7 Plants

Now, I await and watch them grow…

Herb: Rosemary

I went into a Tractor Feed store yesterday to get some dog food and I stumbled upon a rack full of seeds from fruits, vegetables, and herbs. I wasn’t expecting to start a garden because I don’t have the time to dig up dirt and treat for any insects that may feast upon it. With my interest in gardening, I was lured to this area of this store. Next to the rack had some herbs that came with a tiny flower pot. I’m thinking what if I did a little garden inside the house? Less work to grow something? Just water it and be done?

Okay, I bought the herb kit that contain Rosemary. It included the tiny pot, seeds, and soil. It sounds simple, right? Why did I picked Rosemary? I remember a friend added the herb with her spaghetti sauce and it turned out with a great taste. But it wasn’t just Rosemary put in the food…

I looked up the information about this herb and this is what I found.

Herb: Rosemary

Herb: Rosemary

In the picture above, this is the Rosemary plant – almost like a Christmas tree. It has a pine-like fragrance.

Health Benefits:

Rosemary contains substances that are useful for stimulating the immune system, increasing circulation, and improving digestion. Rosemary also contains anti-inflammatory compounds that may make it useful for reducing the severity of asthma attacks. In addition, rosemary has been shown to increase the blood flow to the head and brain, improving concentration. So, the next time you enhance the flavor of some special dish with rosemary, congratulate yourself for a wise as well as delicious choice. —http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=75

 History about Rosemary: 

In ancient Greece, students would place rosemary sprigs in their hair when studying for exams, and mourners would also throw the fragrant herb into the grave of the deceased as a symbol of remembrance. In olde England, rosemary’s ability to fortify the memory transformed it into a symbol of fidelity, and it played an important role in the costumes, decorations and gifts used at weddings. Rosemary oil was first extracted in the 14th century, after which it was used to make Queen of Hungary water, a very popular cosmetic used at that time. In the 16th and 17th centuries, rosemary became popular as a digestive aid in apothecaries. —http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=75

Nutritional Profile:

>>Good source of Vitamin A

>>High in Iron

>>High in Calcium

>>High in B6

Okay, I have taken the herb kit apart and followed the instructions to put it together and set it on the window sill above the kitchen sink. Hopefully this turns out okay and be rewarded if I get to use it in my food. The cost of this kit was $3.99. Now, I have to give it time for it to grow.



Modified This & That

Do you read every labels on what you are buying in a grocery store?


Most people don’t read what they are buying. Ignorance is a Bliss, but health problems will arise quickly than later in life. You will be paying more to see a doctor when a problem arises. I cringed every time I look at all the labels in the grocery store and I keep saying, “modified this & modified that…” Almost the entire grocery store’s products are GMO.

Top10 GMO foods

“Stick with vegetables and fruits”, I thought to myself. I was thinking that this is not some kind of processed food. Until you hear the news that they have genetically modified corn, papaya, tomatoes… Yikes. What is this world coming to? Scientist are messing with God’s nature. I’d would like to grow my own garden instead of depending others to do my food, but I do not have the time because of work.

Maybe an organic grocery store is better – pay more for better foods than to use your money for medicine…

Be Warned, Be Aware, Be Safe than Not to be Safe.

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