Imaginary Out-of-Time Traveller

Fictional Intruder

Go down the rabbit hole with Alice; play quidditch with Harry Potter; float down the river with Huck Finn… If you could choose three fictional events or adventures to experience yourself, what would they be? 

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I would not go down a rabbit hole with Alice because I would be scared of confined spaces. As for floating down the river with Huck Fin, I would be bored sitting and riding that river endlessly. And, I would not be interested to play quidditch with Harry Potter (British pronunciation – HAIR-ah POTT-ah). So, I procrastinate for awhile to figure out what kinds of adventures that I would choose – a fictional story to put myself into.

Zap myself into H.G. Wells’ book of The Time Machine.

First choice

History = I would be sitting in Philadelphia of the 2nd Continental Congress on July4, 1776 listening to every important person’s speech and watch everybody sign the paper of the Declaration of Independence. From there, I would be shaking hands with these famous people. I could have told George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams that the far future of America has turned for the worse. Haha, no…it might mess up the timeline. I really do not know what to say to them but congratulations? Oh well, at least I would get to meet them and experience what things were really like. I’m sure I would be sweating really bad inside a building with no air conditioner and everybody in there probably do not know what a deodorant is.

Second choice

Marvel Comics = As crazy as it sounds, I’m infatuated with the Wolverine and may want to go out with him to see what he is like. His muscular physique gets my attention every time he goes into battle with the bad guys and comes out as a hero that can’t be killed. I can see myself having a good conversation with him. End of story.

Third Choice

Family History = Placed in Ireland in 1650 to meet and find out what really happened to my ancestors that were exile from Ireland under Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell. From my knowledge, Oliver Cromwell is not a good person and he is more like a dictator. The environment is probably will be filthy and harsh, I suppose. It would be interesting for me to feel what life is like in the 17th century. Since I’m a woman, I would probably wouldn’t be allowed to speak my mind and to wear jeans that would be disgusted among the men there. I would be afraid of punishment there as they hang people for trouble…even the smallest one. Don’t even think about telling them what the name of your religion is because if you are not Catholic, you will be persecuted. I would definitely hide myself to play among the people like if I was an actress. To meet one of my ancestors would be a great honor to me.

Hope you enjoyed my little stories and thoughts.




3 thoughts on “Imaginary Out-of-Time Traveller

  1. Oh my goodness! I would LOVE to be at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. As a matter of fact, I once wrote a blog post about this very same thing, not on this site, but at another site, that this would be the historical event I would want to witness! The American Revolution is my favorite historical event; that era of history is my favorite era to study – ABSOLUTELY! I love it! Great choice!

    • Thanks. I love history and the American Revolution. Another thing I haven’t mentioned is that I do genealogy…have been doing it for over 10 years and I read the history that is happening during my ancestor’s time period. I read your other message, that’s a great idea to write about what happened on today’s date back to the past. I worked my friend’s genealogy surname as she is partly related to me and built up a binder that keeps papers in. I wrote out the history of the ancestors and combine it with the famous history that we all know as well as the coat of arms attached to the front. My favorite video of the birth of the US is “The Story of Us” There are 12 chapters or 12 videos. Enjoy!

  2. Please be delightfully advised – I nominate you for the Liebster Award – please see


    This page will give you further details.

    Whether or not you decide to pass this award on to other bloggers is up to you, but I hope that you do so that we can keep the inspiration and love going among us.

    Either way, I wish you an amazing day!



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