Medicine Cabinet

Ever hate clutter and not being able to find something important?

Most of you probably don’t have organization skills or don’t have the time to organize your stuff. Don’t you hate not being able to find something you need immediately? Don’t you hate clutter and not have the time to straighten it out?

When it comes to medicine…how is your medicine cabinet?

Medicine Cabnet

Medicine Cabinet

This is what I did. Buy those cheap containers at Family Dollar or Dollar Store that are around $1 to $2. Get a black permanent marker and write the names on the ends of these containers. If you have a cat or a dog – you want one to store the animal’s medicine in it. I have a dog so I put the dog’s name on it. I even keep a tiny toothbrush and toothpaste (specifically made for the dog) in this container along with his medicine (container with the blue lid is his).

Medicine Cabinet Closeup

Medicine Cabinet Closeup

What I labeled on mine –

  • Headache & Pain Medicine

  • Allergies & Sinus Medicine

  • Stomach Rx (means medicine)

  • Cough Medicine

  • Misc w/Vaseline (Misc = miscellaneous)

  • Cough Drops

  • First Aid Stuff

  • Suntan & Sunburn Medicine

  • Teeth Stuff

  • Container for thermometers and pill cutters.

You do need to keep a supply of alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

I would keep prescribed pain medicine a year or 2 after the expiration date. I have run into problems in the past where my son broke his wrist back in February of 2013 and the doctor only gave him a shot of a pain killer…but, didn’t give him ANY prescribed medication to take home! I live in a small town and these doctors are dumb. After 2 hours, the medication wore off and he started screaming in pain. I felt bad for him and took him back to the Emergency Room. They wouldn’t give him ANYTHING. The nurse told him to watch T.V. and try to forget the pain. I was shocked because this is a BROKEN bone! Well, I took him home and went through my medicine cabinet and found a left over bottle of Vicodin that was prescribed to him for a pinched nerve. It was almost a year old. I gave it to him and took him to see a surgeon in a bigger city – the surgeon was livid about the E.R. doctor. So, it is best to have left over medicine because you never know what situation you might get into. When you are a single mother with children, it is hard to take a sick child out of the house to get the medicine you need and it is best to have medicine for children stocked.

Medicine that is liquid – I do not keep past the expiration date.

Vaseline does wonders. When children have an abrasion (scratched skin), they hurt. If the wound is not deep, put vaseline on it and the child will be pain free. To me, vaseline is like an extra skin to cover the exposed nerves at the surface.

You need tweezers for splinters if they happen.

I hope my organization ideas have helped. It is not hard to put these together. Once you get it together, you will be happy and worried free.


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