I’m great in bed. I can sleep for days.



My Blogs


I’m not sure if others can see my 2 blogs outside this one. I will add the links in case.

  • Le-Vel Mission to Thrive for Better Health ( – I created this blog after starting the products with Le-Vel. My purpose here is to spread the incrediable news of how these products have changed people, including myself, for the better. I’m looking to get more customers to sign-up on my Le-Vel website for FREE. Besides customers, I’m looking for promoters for sales, too. I enjoyed writing this blog and it continues to get big as I write just about every day.
  • Health Products ( – I started this one less than a week so it is just the beginning. My purpose here is to share about the products out there including the good and the bad. Adding links to where you can buy the products.

Hope that helps.