Keep Calm and Be Yourself

Keep Calm and Be Yourself

I’m very calm today and taking it easy.


Relax, it is Sunday


Today is the 2nd Sunday of August.

For breakfast, I ate an egg and cheese burrito with some mild picanta sauce in it. This came from a Mexican restaurant that makes authentic tortilla wraps. Then, I get settled in front of my computer to check my e-mails and read the news. My kids beg me to play a computer game with them, so I spend a little time doing that. I enjoy spending time at home doing what I love to do. I have 7 books that I read at different times (can remember the story separately). I have a heavy passion for reading. I read action/mystery/medical suspense books by Michael Palmer, Robin Cook, Robert Ludlum, and a few other famous authors. And, I read romance books by different authors that writes a character with a medical profession (I’m kinda picky in this area). I love characters that have a sense of compassion and some sense of humor. You can say that I have an obsession with books and I do go crazy in a bookstore or a library. I might take a nap later on as I woke up too early this morning. I look forward to the rest of the day to enjoying being home to relax. I hope everybody else is enjoying it, too.



The word “Dachshund” comes from a German word that means badger dog. They are similar to the terrier group of dogs due to the behavior that it exhibits. There are three types of dachshund: short-haired, long-haired, and wire-haired. They have a life span of 14-17 years. As of 2012, Dachshund is the 10th most popular dog in the U.S. (AKC Dog Registration Statistics).

Hot Weather


Our weather is getting hot. I’m sure that most of the states are feeling the heat and it is taking a toll on those who work outside. I don’t know how I have lived through this heat growing up in Texas. I guess as you get older, you just can’t take the heat anymore? Or maybe it is a thyroid problem…? Well, I dread working the rest of the week where the temperature will be over 105 degrees. The heat does make you fatigue and you try to get through the day by taking it easy. I wish it would rain which is unusual for the month of August.

Wonderful Saturday

ImageSaturday is a great day to relax and have fun. I got up early (not too early) and went out to go shopping for some garage sales. I found a place that had lots of cool antiques like old coke and pepsi bottles, music records, old furnitures, and stuff that looks like junk. I ended up buying thousands of baseball, football, and basketball cards for $40. My thought was to make money on Ebay on all those cards. You never know if you would end up with a card that might be worth more than you think. I came home and got overwhelmed with so many cards. At least I was excited about it.


ImageAll I have to do is dream…

Everybody has dreams. My dream is to go RVing across the U.S. and Canada with my kids to show them the real world. I hope to one day go to Disneyland and maybe to visit the ocean of Oregon and California. Life is too short and we need to make our dreams a reality to full fill our happiness and joy. The problem that stands in the way is time and money. My solution if I ever get to that, is to find a home job and quit my outside job. I’m tired of driving five days a week with the same route to work which takes me an hour. I would love to have a job at home and travel… my dream.